Client Testimonials

"In the past 5 years I have purchased approximately 11 properties in Park City from Judy Glauser. Having lived in Park City for over 30 years, Judy has gained knowledge of the area like no other realtor. She is always professional, very responsive in a timely manner, and also a great friend." - Donnie Crevier, Laguna Beach, CA.

"My wife and I have been working with Judy for over 3 years and she has not only served our real estate needs but has become a great friend to our family. She knows the Park City market and the players. Her style is truly one of an advisor and not a pushy salesperson who just wants to see you buy something." - Steve Martin, Atlanta, GA.

Judy treats every deal like it’s the most important one! - Jim Klopner, Birmingham, AL

We recommend Judy to all of our friends and associates. She dots every “I” and crosses every “t”. - Pamela Greacen & Art Buser

Judy’s patience and local knowledge have been priceless to our family. - Jess & Allison Griffiths Honolulu, HI

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Client Testimonials



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